BV 5/1 *GB

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Lightweight and powerful backpack vacuum cleaner

The BV 5/1 backpack vacuum is designed for quick and effective vacuum cleaning of hard-to-reach, fast turnaround areas such as public transport, aeroplanes, cinemas, theatres and stairwells. Choosing a BV 5/1 vacuum can dramatically increase productivity in these cleanliness-critical areas. The machine features a 5 litre capacity and a single, powerful vacuum motor. Weighing only 5.3kg and with a strap system designed with German rucksack manufacturer Deuter, the BV 5/1 can be used comfortably for long periods.

The BV 5/1 backpack vacuum allows unrestricted use and mobility in areas where conventional vacuum cleaners cannot be used, and the powerful BV 5/1 Bp hybrid vacuum cleaner can be used with or without mains connection.The ventilation pads reduce heat development on the back whilst the mesh with ventilation on three sides reduces perspiration by 25%.