HD 7/18-4 M Plus

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Product Description

Medium class cold water high-pressure cleaner for heavy-duty use with 3-phase power supply

The HD 7/18-4 M Plus is a powerful, medium class pressure washer for heavy-duty cleaning tasks where 3-phase power supply is available. The machine features a 4-pole electric motor that runs at lower rpm than a 2-pole motor, providing more power and longevity. The machine offers water pressure of up to 180 bar and water flow rate of up to 700 litres per hour.

This item has lots of clever features, including, a power cord storage at the rear of the unit, integrated lance holder for easy transport and parking position for short breaks. It has outstanding mobility with large wheels for uneven surfaces, upright design for easy transport and integrated tilting aid at the rear. All this with air water cooled electric motors for intensive use and a 4 pole low speed electric motor. The chem switch gives this item an accurate and variable cleaning agent dosing with 2-way dosing valve for cleaning agent changeover and easy cleaning agent bottle changeover.

Technical data

  • Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)467 x 407 x 1010
  • Power cable-
  • Power rating (kW)5
  • Operating pressure (bar/MPa)30-180/3-18
  • Flow rate (l/h)240-700
  • Weight (kg)49
  • Max. pressure (bar/MPa)215/21,5
  • CA tank-
  • Current type (Ph/V/Hz)3/400/50
  • Water feed temperature (°C)up to 60