HDS 8/18-4 M

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Product Description

The new hot water high-pressure cleaners from the middle and super class do not just provide first-class cleaning, they are also extremely robust during operation. The new Eco mode in such a form is exclusive to Kärcher.

If the equipment is running on this setting, it automatically works at the most economical temperature range. That doesn’t just reduce costs, but is also environmentally friendly.

The heated high-pressure cleaners of the new middle and super class stand out from the crowd thanks to their six main features.

1. Environmental protection
More efficient thanks to the new Eco mode, service switch for water hardness regulation, turbo blower, precise cleaning agent dosage, optimised burner technology and high pump efficiency.

2. Easy to use
This is guaranteed by the central instrument panel for intuitive operation, loss-proof spray lance holder, LED displays, and much else besides.

3. Cleaning performance
High cleaning performance is ensured by the patented nozzle technology, ceramic pistons, turbo blowers and increased pump efficiency. The application-optimised accessories are adapted to meet the exact needs of customers.

4. Mobility
The mobility design consisting of steering rollers, large rubber-tyre wheels, ergonomic push bars, stacking machine loading option, lashing eyes and tilting aid facilitates smooth transport.

5. Operational reliability
Guaranteed by flue gas monitoring, a corrosion-resistant, warp-resistant and robust chassis, system care adaptation, three-piston axial pump with ceramic pistons and heat-resistant flue outlet lining.

6. Service-friendly
Easy access to all maintenance-relevant components and service switches which are used to call up operating data for troubleshooting purposes.


This item has eco!efficiency mode. In the Eco setting the unit operates in the most economical temperature range (60°C) with full water flow. The burner cycles are optimised to reduce fuel consumption by up to 20% compared to full-load operation. The large, integrated fine-mesh water filter reliably protects the high-pressure pump against dirt particles. An integrated exhaust gas thermostat switches off the drive motor if the exhaust gas temperature exceeds 300°C. The soft damping system (SDS) compensates for vibrations and pressure surges in the high-pressure system.

The HDS 8/18-4 M has a “Jogger” design with large rubber tyre wheels and swivel castors, sturdy tie-down points for safe transit and integrated tilting aid for effortlessly negotiating obstacles such as steps and kerbs.

The hose reel is convenient, with safe storage of 20 m high-pressure hose as well as a folding crank handle for shorter set-up times.